February 26, 2021

Book Talk: Defy (Sinners of Saint Series)


Immediately we start with a student-teacher romance as I kick off the Sinners of Saint series. After numerous recommendations from my TikTok followers, I decided to spend this weekend finding how great this series is. Starting with Defy, we are off to a quick romance between student Jaime Followhill and teacher Melody Greene.

Defy is a prequel to Vicious, the first installment to Sinners of Saint. Despite the fact that Amazon has Defy listed as book two, it is recommended to be read first! My first impression of L.J. Shen is that her books are spicy and impossible to put down. After reading The Hunter and The Villain by her, I fell into the L.J. Shen’s rabbit hole.

Defy can be read as a standalone but it is part of the Sinners of Saint series and a part of Pretty Reckless. In case you want to read the others, I have my book talk posts down below for you to check out!

I highly recommend reading the whole series so that you capture snippets of Jaime’s and Melody’s life journey. *spoiler* Pretty Reckless is told through their daughter’s perspective.

For all my Kindle readers, Sinners of Saint series is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!


Rating: 4 out of 5.
defy sinners of saint

Melody, who was twenty-six years old, was a former dancer that had an accident that led her to become a teacher. A job that she hated. As if her life couldn’t get any worst, Melody has found herself in a blackmail situation that would end her teaching career. But she did care because always had her eyes on one of her students. He was sexy but arrogant and loaded with money. Jaime may be an eighteen-year-old student, but he was a man that wanted her.

She knows she shouldn’t indulge herself in this situation; she knew it was wrong. Something felt so wrong but so good and right at the same time. What started as a secret affair escalated into something so raw and so right.

“Because I think about you before I think about myself. Always remember that, Little Ballerina. Always.”

This novella was face-paced and spicy! In my opinion, I think L.J. Shen could’ve written more on their story. I am disappointed by how short it was, but it was a good start to the series.

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