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Sports Romance

“…it’s the first time I don’t see the overzealous playboy, but a guy searing for something more in a girl who has nothing to give. And for the first time in what seems like forever, I feel a ping of sadness right in the center of my chest. Because right now, I wish I could give him whatever it is he’s looking for.”

Reverse Harem, Dark Romance

Kings of Quarantine

Cruel. Heartless. Quarantined. The ruthless boys of Everlake Prep never saw lockdown coming. But the virus isn’t their number one enemy. I am. And as if being confined to a boarding school for the elite wasn’t bad enough, now I’m stuck in isolation with the boys who hate me most too.

Dark ROmance

Deviant King

I have a simple plan. Finish Royal Elite School and get into my dream university. One glance from the school’s king blows my plan up in smoke. One glance and he suffocates my air. One glance and he issues his death sentence. His first words spiral my life into irreparable chaos. “I will destroy you.”

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