October 10, 2021

To Be Claimed Saga By Willow Winters Book Review

When Willow Winters tells you this is werewolf porn, you better believe her… HA! What I loved most about this series was that Willow allowed us to see each of the character’s POV — not just the main couple. Seeing how each couple developed their relationship made the series even better! Even though the To Be Claimed Sage is currently incomplete, I cannot stop recommending this for those who love supernatural creatures with tons of spice? and the perfect read for Halloween!

To Be Claimed Saga is a fantasy / paranormal romance, meaning the characters are not human and of the supernatural realm. If this is a trope you love, you can check out more fantasy / paranormal romance books I’ve read and review here!

My current favorite books by Willow Winters:

Thank you to the Winter Willows’ Team for gifting me an advance reader copy (ARC) for both Wounded Kiss and Gentle Scars. All opinions are my own and was written voluntarily.

Wounded Kiss

Rating: 4 out of 5.
to be claimed saga -- wounded kiss

For humans to be protected from other supernaturals, they formed a peace treaty over a century ago with the wolf pack. In order to continue to be protected, every year the town prepares an offering — all women between 19-21 have to participate. However, in over 100 years, no one was taken until this year.

As the chosen of the year, the girls are blindsided at the turn of events and are terrified of the unknown to come. Without a clue as to what happens after being chosen, Grace and Lizzie fight against their “mates”.

Throughout Wounded Kiss, the relationship between the Alpha Wolf and Grace is filled with an undeniable attraction between a strong-willed girl and a dominant alpha wolf. Whereas Lizzie and her mates start off with a deep-root secret that leads to a heart-breaking start.

With each character, we see a hidden side that has us falling in love and wanting more! I truly wished the book was longer but I am excited about book two, Gentle Scars!

Gentle Scars

Rating: 4 out of 5.
to be claimed saga -- gentle scars

As we continue from Wounded Kiss, we are introduced to another couple going through the same process as Grace, Lizzie, and their mates for the official claiming. As the journey continues between the pack and their mates, Gentle Scars is filled with spice, suspense, and secrets.

I cannot get enough of these characters and their unique traits; I have never loved all the characters in a book before… THIS IS A FIRST! With sizzling heat, raw emotions, shocking twists, To Be Claimed Saga leaves you craving for more!

Primal Lust

to be claimed saga -- primal lust

*Review coming soon! Release date is September 22, 2022.

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