May 9, 2023

10 Simple Tips for a Seasonal Home Refresh

home refresh

Hot girl summer, anyone? Ha! Summer is finally here, and while some may choose to beat the heat with a cooling vacation, others prefer to savor the warm weather. If you’re like me, you crave the illusion of the outdoors but with the comfort of AC! If you’re looking to transform your space into a luxurious summer paradise, here are ten simple tips that can help create the perfect home refresh:

Relaxation at Its Finest

Picture this: You’re in a bath surrounded by bubbles, a candle flickering nearby, and an audiobook playing in the background. But wait, you are accident-prone like me and tend to drop things. The last thing you want is to drop your phone or book into the water. Don’t let this ruin your bath experience like it did for me countless of times! The solution? A bath caddy! This simple tray goes across the bath to hold all your essentials, keeping them within reach and out of harm’s way.

Let There Be Light and Privacy

Windows provide natural light and fresh air, but sometimes, you just want privacy, not your neighbors peeking in. Frosted glass is a great solution but can be expensive to install. Plus, if you live in a rented space that doesn’t allow that, opt for a frosted window film that works like frosted glass but is much cheaper and renter-friendly – allowing natural light to come in while maintaining your privacy.

Sleep Like a Baby

Anyone else who values their sleep above all others? Zane and I cannot sleep without blackout curtains! Not sure if this is the Colorado sun or what, but it is so freaking bright here versus in Texas. So if you are tired of being woken up at the crack of drawn because of sunlight hitting for face, then invest in some blackout curtains to keep the light out and provide a cooler space! Pottery Barn’s blackout linen is my favorite; it’s soft and luxurious! 

Bring the Movies Home

With a DIY projector and a big screen, you can set up a home cinema in no time! Watch the latest movies or classics like Gilmore Girls (wink wink) on the big screen without breaking the bank.

Clean House, Clear Mind

Luxury living means stress-free living, and that starts with a clean house. I love a good “Sunday Rest; it’s the best setup for the rest of the week. Also, it makes Monday more enjoyable when working from home! If you lack time or energy, hire a house cleaning

Indulge in Some Luxury

Love or hate them, subscription services can offer a luxurious way to explore new interests or indulge in old ones. Try them out for a trial period during your summer break.

Sweet Dreams

Make this summer the time to invest in silk sheets and level up your luxury game. Silk sheets are an expensive luxury item, but they’re soft, durable, and beautiful. They also prevent hair tangling and your skin from retaining moisture.

These Cozy Earth sheets are a splurge but worth it for the warmer season! I am in love with the new sage color! But if you are looking for just the pillowcase, Brooklinen has this bundle with an eye mask included. 

Smart Technology for a Smart Home

Make your home more convenient with smart devices such as Amazon Echo. For example, it allows you to listen to music, and the radio in the shower just be a simple “Hey Alexa, play from my Spotify playlist!”

The Scent of Summer

Candles aren’t just for the winter months. Enjoy the scent of summer with some lovely floral candles or my favorite citrus scent from Capri Blue with a new book or a classic favorite for a luxurious and relaxing summer evening.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

When we surround ourselves with positivity, it can profoundly impact our mental health and well-being. One way to do this is by incorporating mindful colors into our environment. Mindful colors can positively impact our daily lives, whether painting a room, adding some colorful decor, or simply wearing clothing in these hues.

These simple tips are an easy way to give you a nice home refresh, providing the comfort and relaxation you deserve. By creating a comfortable and mindful space, you’ll be able to fully embrace the beauty of summer and recharge for the season ahead. Check out my blog on summer decorating tips for more home refresh tips!