July 8, 2021

The Heir (Kingmakers Academy Series)

When I first saw this recommended on Kindle Unlimited, I was excited to read it because of the mafia aspect along with the friends to lovers trope — it has been a while since I read one from that trope, it always has been enemies to lovers for me. The childhood best friend aspect reminded me of Broken Knight by L.J. Shen which I recommend checking out if you haven’t read it already — read my review here!

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The Heir

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Heir is told through three POVs: Anna, Leo, and Dean. The characters just got accepted into Kingmakers Academy where they split into four groups: heirs, accountants, enforcers, and spies. These students come from criminal organizations all around the whole where they will spend four years training in their designated groups. Anna and Leo have grown up together and have been raised as “cousins” (not blood-related). Whereas Dean and Leo are blood cousins with a family hatred between them.

The story is more than a romantic relationship between two people. After crossing paths, Dean has set his eyes on Anna. With day-to-day life at the academy, new relationships and friendships begin to develop while old ones are torn and broken apart.

The romance was a slow burn. I felt like there were times where a situation could have progress further instead, it was cut short and made too simple.

I do wish that there were more mafia real-world activity — granted, The Heir is based in the ‘training period,’ therefore, we learn more about their history verse current events.

I did not realize that there was a parents’ series and that it was a spinoff. There weren’t missing gaps that I felt like I was lost or missing any crucial information. I am hesitant on reading the rest of the series. As of right now, I might skip over to the parents’ series and see if it was more of what I was expecting. For now, The Heir was a decent book but, I do not see myself re-reading or recommending the book.

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