July 18, 2021

Sugar Daddies by Jade West Book Review

Sugar daddies

My first MMF (male, male, female) book and my days Jade West’s writing is seriously hot 🌶🔥. Sugar Daddies is actually what it says!! Daddies as in plural form — not one daddy but TWO daddies!!! The cover alone is hot not to mention the scenes — the kitchen scene with the mirror🥵 or when they go on the trip (iykyk!!!).

If you are looking for straight smut with minimal plot, then this book is the read for you! Check out more smut standalone reviews here!

For all my Kindle readers, Sugar Daddies is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

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Sugar Daddies

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Sugar daddies

Two guys. One girl. A whole lot of spice.

Carl and Rick are in a relationship looking for one girl to complete their relationship and make their dreams come true. Not someone for a threesome but a polyamorous relationship. Small town girl, Katie, has a goal of her own with hang-ups to work through. Through a website called “Sugar Daddies,” Katie finds Carl and Rick. What started as easy-peasy unlocks a huge secret that has previous girls go running. Will Katie stay? Is this something she wanted? Was it just fun and sex? Could it be too late for her now?

Throughout the book, each character opens up with their flaws and layers that have them experience significant growth within themselves and as a unit. With hot scenes and the relationship dynamic, Jade West writes an interesting sexy storyline. Be sure to enjoy Sugar Daddies in the comfort of your home — highly not advised to read out in public, haha😅!

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