April 27, 2022

Savage U Series By Julia Wolf Book Review

Soft like thunder

I found out about Savage U Series through TikTok when I stumbled across an aesthetic video. I was hooked on the “dark college romance” aspect of it. After reading a few reviews without spoilers, I found out that you would meet the main character Helen from Soft Like Thunder in the Savage Crew series.

But I decided that I would jump in and read Soft Like Thunder first, especially since this is my first book by Julia Wolf. Soft Like Thunder can be read as a standalone, and you do not need to read the Savage Crew series beforehand since there are no missing gaps.

For my first book by Julia Wolf, I enjoyed it. Tons of spicy and great characters! However, would I have classified this as a “dark romance”? No, only because I did not feel like it was dark enough through the book. Maybe the past, but it did not consume the book. If anything, this was a beginner “dark romance,” in my opinion. If you are looking for “dark romance,” you can check out all my reviews regarding that trope here!

Bright Like Midnight Savage U Series

Soft Like Thunder is part of a series that continues with her roommate’s story in Bright Like Midnight.

For all my Kindle readers, Savage U Series is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

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Soft Like Thunder

Rating: 4 out of 5.
soft like thunder

A fiery skater babe crosses paths with a pretty rich boy. The only thing is the company he keeps, and not to mention Helen hates boys who are “rich and cocky with Daddy’s money, basking in their first taste of real freedom.”

Helen comes from a hard background with a drug-abused mom, harsh living conditions, and being the caretaker for her little sister. While Theo comes from the elite world, where he is supposedly spoiled by daddy’s money. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Despite not knowing the full truth of each other’s pasts, Helen and Theo ends up relating to each other.

Sex without emotion is possible… right?! What started as friends with benefits turned into something more.

“You should have a man who’ll burn down the world and rebuild it for you, Helen. Nothing less for you. Nothing.” “You should have a woman who’ll make it easy for you to light the match, Theodore.”

But will what Helen does to survive be the breaking point for Theo? Will casing judgment too quickly be their downfall? Read Soft Like Thunder and find out if they can overcome the difficult road and get their happily ever after!

“What I hope for you, is when you let someone past those spikes, they’re the kind of man who’ll be shoulder to shoulder with you in battle, and when push comes to shove, they’ll step in front of you and take the brunt of it.”


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♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

Bright Like Midnight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Quiet, meek scholar Zadia Night gets held captive at gunpoint by dangerous, bad boy Amir Vasquez. Despite the circumstances, there is a pull between the two.

Zadia Night is a sweetheart with a heart of gold. Even though she is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful soul, she is self-conscious of her curves and believes she cannot stand in the same league as the standard model-thin college girls. Amir Vasquez and his connection to his brother’s gang leave him with a questionable character despite being intelligent and having a soft heart for a beautiful “little mama.”

“You’ve seen the worst of me, and I am asking for you to love me anyway.”

With a past of being traumatized, will Zadia turn an eye to Amir’s violent and dangerous lifestyle? Will his possessiveness allow her to walk?

Bright Like Midnight is filled with raw sensuality, bantering, angst, and emotions that keep you interested from start to end!

Sweet Like Poison

Review coming soon

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