October 23, 2022

My Latest Obsession: Catharina Maura’s Books (USA Today and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author)

Were you like me and never heard of Catharina Maura until recently — especially because of TikTok? If it was not for this video that landed on my “For You Page,” I would have discovered my latest obsession. Now you must be thinking, how could Catharina Maura’s books be an obsession already? Well when you read four of her books in just two full days, then you know you have struck gold.

Catharina Maura's Books

It all started off with The Wrong Bride — this book has me in a chokehold. If you are looking for an angsty romance that has your heart bleeding for the characters then I recommend starting with this book. However, after the end of The Wrong Bride, I realized that some of the side characters mentioned have their own books!! Which started my non-stop reading session — after reading The Wrong Bride, I read Bittersweet Memories, Forever After All, and Until You.

The Wrong Bride was released on October 15, 2022, and I read it five days later without realizing it was new. So at this point in Catharina Maura’s world, the sides characters in The Wrong Bride have already developed in the main storyline.

The Reading Order:

The Stolen Moments Trilogy
The Serendipity Duet
Forever After All
Until You and Bittersweet Memories (The Off-Limits Series)
The Wrong Bride (The Windsors Series)

Catharina Maura's Books

If you have not discovered Catharina Maura’s books, I highly recommend you pick up a book today! Catharina Maura’s books are on Kindle Unlimited and free to read through the app.

My Favorite Reading Accessories:

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Until next time! Happy reading! 🫶🏻