February 21, 2021

Kill Switch (Devil’s Night Series)

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As the story continue of the four horsemen weaving havoc, we enter the mind of Damon in Kill Switch.

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kill switch
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Kill Switch

Rating: 3 out of 5.
kill switch

If you read Corrupt and Hideaway before this, then you got a glimpse of Damon. Everyone fears him because of his last name. Torrence.

Following the storyline from Corrupt and Hideaway, we enter into Damon’s mind a few years later. Everything about him was complex. He always has a plan, a plan to get back to the girl that has his heart. To go back to the moment where it was just him and her in that fountain.

Kill Switch filled the holes that lead us back to the youth of Damon’s life that includes the other horsemen. With switching from his perceptive to Winter’s, we learned the instant connection and the hatred that lays between them.

“There is no you. There is no me. This is us. Us.”

With various plot twists and information coming to light, Kill Switch has me gasping and cussing every so often, haha. We needed to get inside Damon’s head and he why he is the way he is.

“One paid at a time. So if something hurts, you can make it hurt less by adding more pain.”

We learned the most significant pain that Damon had to endure from Banks in Hideaway that has shaped him into the person he is now. The question to ask yourself: does the trauma excuse the behave?

“‘And all the world living and breathing and raging outside makes where I am seem like a world within a world. Like a fountain in a maze.’ I paused, musing, ‘Like a home.’

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