May 7, 2022

Empire Of Lust By Rina Kent Book Review

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Tell me I am not the only one sad by Rina’s author note: “This book isn’t as dark as the rest of my books…” 😅. However, the queen of dark romance never disappoints with Empire of Lust!

My current favorites by Rina Kent:

I am in love with Aspen and her strength! The whole world thinks she is this cold-hearted “witch” when she is just a girl trying to survive against the evil in the world. Hands down one of my favorite badass female characters; and if you love strong babes who don’t need a king to be a queen, then you can check out all the badass females I’ve read and reviewed here!

Even though Empire of Lust is a part of the Empire Series, this book can be read as a stand-alone. We get to see hints of Aspen and Kingsley in Empire of Desire, their daughter’s book.

Empire of Lust is an enemies with benefit romance that is filled with intense chemistry, bickering banters, and a power couple set out to rule the world!

empire of lust

Thank you to the Rina Kent’s Team for gifting me an advance reader copy (ARC) of Empire of Lust. All opinions are my own and was written voluntarily.

For all my Kindle readers, Empire of Lust is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

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Empire of Lust

Rating: 5 out of 5.
empire of lust

Escaping from her abusive home life, 14-year-old Aspen finds herself at a high school Halloween party with her best friend. Caught at the wrong place, wrong time Aspen finds trouble in the form of a 17-year-old dangerous stranger.

“He has the type of beauty that matches his reputation. Savage, cold, with a discreet touch of danger.”

Who would have thought that one night would have caused such a ripple effect altering both lives? Twenty years later, Kingsley and Aspen are working together at the same firm with a strained relationship. However, that firm is not the only thing they share.

“The truth remains. Kingsley and I are the personifications of water and fire. Coexisting is impossible. A healthy relationship is mythical.”

From going years thinking that her baby girl was dead to finding out recently that her baby was alive and raised by Kingsley, Aspen does everything to be a part of her daughter’s life including putting up with Kingsley. But with Aspen’s past finally catching up with her, will Kingsley allow her close enough to risk the safety of his daughter?

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