November 25, 2020

Cozy Finds At Rue21

I’m back again with another rue21 haul for this winter! Can we take a moment and talk about how it is almost December? Shoot, Thanksgiving is a few days away. I am ready for this year to end but I am not at the same time. I definitely do not look forward to the 15+ hour drive to Texas. Let me know down below or on Instagram, if you are going home this Christmas.

In case you missed it, I also have a rue21 back to school collection and their fall round up that are still great for this winter!

Since moving to Colorado, I have been trying to find cute, cozy winter items and rue21 has been a great hit for me lately! Hit play down below to watch my Instagram try on of each items.

Rue21 Haul Breakdown

Starting off with some sweaters and tops, I really love simplicity especially during the cold season. I think it’s more so the accessories that are doing the speaking, if you know what I mean?. What are the odds of you wearing a really cute, fancy top and people seeing it when it is below 40 degrees? Very slim, haha, you are all bundled up and all people are going to see if you jacket or maybe even a sweater. That is why I always keep my tops simple during winter. Plus it makes getting dress so much easier!

Now, I am in love with this outfit! I will admit, I am loving the “wear a sweater over a dress” trend. I think it is a smart, easy and cute way to get dress! So bravo to the person who “invented” this trend, haha!!

Speaking of trend, I have been seeing these Shackets everywhere. I wasn’t going to get some until I saw blogger Jennifer wore one and I just fell in love! This Shacket from rue21 is sherpa lined so it will keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

I couldn’t help myself, I had to pick up some more booties! These black booties are so 90’s and so dang comfy! I will literally wear these with any outfits, I am so obsessed. Of course, we can not forget these hiker style booties! I don’t have any shoes in these color and I am so glad I snatched them up.

Totally forgot to mention these two. I needed new slippers after Asap got my other ones are dirty and messed up, haha. I love how affordable they are and they feel amazing!! This blanket is so so so dang soft and currently on sale for only $5! Runnnn and grab yourself one right now!

Head over to rue21 right now to shop their 40% off Black Friday deals!!!

This post is sponsored by rue21.