October 21, 2021

Corium University Trilogy By C. Hallman, J.L. Beck Book Review

Corium University Trilogy is a dark mafia college romance, meaning the book contains dark themes, including dub-con, non-con that happens during the characters’ college year. If this is a trope you love, you can check out more dark romance books I’ve read and review here!

king of corium

Thank you to the J.L. Beck’s and C. Hallman’s Team for gifting me an advance reader copy (ARC) of King of Corium. All opinions are my own and was written voluntarily. The following two books were purchased on my own.

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King of Corium

Rating: 5 out of 5.
king of corium

Oh my days! The ending?. AHHHHHHH!!!

Okay, let’s back up and lay the foundation for the epic cliffhanger. Corium University is home to the children of the criminal underworld. Located in a remote Alaskan wilderness with only one rule: NO KILLING. Too bad that one rule only helps Aspen, the daughter of a rat, so much. Surrounded by the children of the families her father betrayed, Aspen does everything in her power to survive the hardship. Too bad she cannot escape HIM.

Quinton, the son of the fiercest mafia boss and heir to the throne, walks the same halls as the one who betrayed his family. Where he has no control in life, he seeks control with Aspen and doesn’t hesitate to take what he wants.

With every mafia family comes lies and secrets begging to come unveil. C. Hallman and J.L. Becks know how to leave you wanting more especially with a cliffhanger like that!

Drop Dead Queen

As we continue from King of Corium, Quinton needs to regain control and has him exert that control in the only way he knows how: Aspen. As the daughter of a rat, Aspen continues to go through hardship delivered by not only Quinton but her classmates and teachers.

“What secret did that kiss tell you?” he croaks. I have to force my swollen lips to move. “It told me you’re drowning too, so let’s drown together.”

Despite Quinton’s inner battle, we continue to see a “decent” guy who’s attracted to a girl he should not have. As if things weren’t bad enough for Aspen, they continue to try to break her.

C. Hallman and J.L. Becks have yet again delivered an unbelievable cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how Aspen fights through this shocking event and pick herself back up. With every fallen queen, this is a king right beside her to pick her up.

I’m tired of people messing with her. Maybe it’s time I make it clear to everyone. There is only one person who is allowed to mess with her. Me.

Broken Kingdom

The cliffhanger in Drop Dead Queen almost broke me. My days! For someone to go through what Aspen did is unimaginable. After the horrible event, Quinton is torn between protecting his family and being the man Aspen desperately needs. But even in the end family always comes first, right?

Losing Aspen is indescribable. It’s heartache and pain, but it’s deeper than all of that. It’s an ache that will never go away.

Broken by the hands of the men who beaten and violated Aspen, she slowly recovers under the protection of Quinton. But does that even help her without him by her side? Especially since she is a shell of who she used to be. Will she continue to let others decide her fate or finally rise as a true queen?

“You’re my monster. My protector. You stood up for me, even killed for me, and that’s something no one has ever done… and probably never will again.”

This finale of the Corium University Trilogy is full of heartaches, revenge, secrets, and all the feels! Aspen deserves all the happiness in the world after all the hardship she had to endure. Here’s to Quinton and Aspen, may they bask in happiness and love until death does they part!

Yes, our love was born from hate, but aren’t the best love stories born in some type of tragedy? Is it really love if you don’t have to fight for it to some degree?

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