March 5, 2021

Broken Knight (All Saints High Series)

broken knight

The epic love story of Dean and Rosie broke my heart in the Sinners of Saint series continues through Broken Knight, a story of their son Knight. Grab your tissues because from chapter twenty through twenty-six; you will be brawling like crazy. If it were possible, I would give this ten stars rating. Every emotion that one can experience, I was able to experience them all.

Broken Knight can be read as a standalone but it is part of the All Saint High series and back story of Knight’s parents in Ruckus and Luna’s dad in Scandalous. In case you want to read the others, I have my book talk posts down below for you to check out

I highly recommend reading Ruckus and Scandalous first to see their parents’ stories

For all my Kindle readers, All Saint High series is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

Broken Knight

Rating: 5 out of 5.
broken knight

Knight Cole and Luna Rexroth were so beautifully crafted with raw intensity and broken souls that were made to fit each other.

“Moonshine,” he whispered. “You fill up the empty, dark space—like the moon owns the sky. It is quiet. It is bright. It doesn’t need to be a ball of flame to be noticed. It simply exists. It forever glows.”

Knight hides behind the perfect and robust facade, but he is shattered beyond repair and spirals into the abyss as the two women in his life break him. Luna is a silent but mighty force that is waiting to be heard. She becomes a vital rock that is needed by everyone in the book, including Knight. She is his ride or die. His always, whenever, forever. The perfect match to his broken soul.

“We break things all the time. It’s called life. If you don’t break, you don’t live. You don’t move. You don’t try. You don’t take chances. Breaking is a part of living.”

Broken Knight is filled with heartbreak and angst, hope and healing, but also with joy and love. It is a story of two broken kids finding their way to each other in the midst of figuring out who they are as a person. Though it was an emotional roller coaster, I was able to find peace at the end of their story.

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