June 12, 2021

Book Talk: Twisted Love

twisted love

Twisted Love has been on my TBR (To Be Read) list for quite some time now. Honestly, the only reason I have avoided reading the book is because of the “brother’s best friend” trope. I think I got burnt out on this troupe, so by the time I saw this I wasn’t that interested. But oh boy, was I wrong and annoyed with myself!

Trigger warnings: childhood trauma, violence 

Twisted Love is the first installment in the Twisted series by Ana Huang — the second installment coming soon in July 2021 (I think)! 

For all my Kindle readers, Twisted Love is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

Twisted Love

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Twisted Love

Possessive alpha: 


Opposites attract:


Age gap: 

Sexy, emotionless, dangerous Alex Volkov has a new task on top of the road toward revenge. With his best friend leaving for a year, Alex is now in charge of taking care of his best friend’s kid sister, Ava Chen. 

On the outside, Ava is all sunshine but on the inside, she is trapped in haunting memories of her past that she cannot remember. As a photographer, she looks for the beauty in everything even in a dark, cold, dangerous alpha male. 

Alex is the definition of dark and dangerous. He has been on a sixteen-year mission seeking out revenge thinking this life only consists of pain and never love. Until Ava. 

With eight years of being stoic and consisting of small talks, these two have become neighbors. And with more time passing by, the tensions between the two have grown thicker until it exploded.

“Tell me who or what I need to kill,” I growled. “What happened at your father’s house?” 

“I told you, nothing. It was just the lake.” Ava eked out a wobbly smile. “You can’t kill a lake.”

“I’ll drain every fucking lake and ocean in the world if I have to.”

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