March 4, 2021

Book Talk: Pretty Reckless (All Saint High Series)

pretty reckless

The infamous relationship between student Jaime Followhill, and teacher, Melody Greene, has continued through their daughter, Daria. Pretty Reckless is filled with high school rivals, enemies to lovers, multilayer characters, and plenty of plot twists to keep you reading.

Pretty Reckless can be read as a standalone but it is part of the All Saint High series and back story of Daria’s parents in Defy. In case you want to read the others, I have my book talk posts down below for you to check out!

I highly recommend reading the Defy first to see Jaime’s and Melody’s life journey.

For all my Kindle readers, All Saint High series is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

Pretty Reckless

Rating: 5 out of 5.
pretty reckless

With the forbidden and notorious union on Jaime and Melody, it has left a chip on Daria’s shoulders as she has to roam the same school and sit in the same classroom that her parents met in. Daria is the vicious Queen B that no one dares to cross paths with. Even with the fierce exterior, Daria struggles with vulnerabilities from within causing her to act out and do malicious things to those around her.

As for the boy who gave her the rarest thing in the world and asked for all her firsts, became her foster brother. Penn Scully lives in a world of secrets so complex and torn between family and love. Cross path with Daria once again to find that she was the answer to his curse.

“There is nothing more poetically inspiring
Than loving the right person
At the wrong place
At the wrong time”

To say that this story did not hit home and left me shattered in tears is an understatement. To feel the vulnerability, loneliness, and sadness that Daria had to endure broke my heart. Who would’ve thought one person’s action could lead to a domino effect that causes Daria to escape her home and question herself. *spoiler alert* Who would’ve thought that person was her mother. My hatred for Melody was unreal because of my personal experience. But to see Daria escape and fix herself was remarkable and inspiring!

“You’re made of fucking gold, Daria. And soul. So much soul.”

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