August 6, 2021

Anne U White Trail | Boulder, Colorado

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Anne U. White Trail

This past Sunday, Zane and I took a little trip to Boulder to hike the Anne U White Trail to escape the city life for a bit. Normally, we choose a trail along Canyon Blvd, but we wanted a place that was not highly trafficked. We came across this trail that is 3.2 miles out and back moderately-trafficked located outside of Boulder.

With tons of shaded coverage, this trail features a river you walk along and is perfect for all skill levels! Anne U White Trail is primarily used for hiking. If you plan on going on the week, be prepared for limited parking spots.

Anne U White Trail Guide

The Drive

  • 15 minutes from the center of Boulder
  • 45 minutes from the center of Denver
  • Main roads until Pinto Drive where you will hit dirt road that only last about 0.2 miles to the parking lot
  • The only traffic driving you may experience is through Boulder city center but once you leave Boulder traffic clears up.
Anne U. White Trail parking lot

Rules & Regulations:

  • Day Use Only
  • Pets On leash
  • No Bikes
  • No Open Fires
  • No Hunting/Firearms
  • No Camping

Trailhead Amenities

  • Portable Toilets
  • Trashcans & Recycle Bins
  • 28 Car Parking Spots
Anne U. White Trail

Fun “stepping stone” crossings and wide shallow pools of water in sections of the creek offer many opportunities for play.

Anne U. White Trail

As you progress, you’ll intermittently climb short and somewhat steep sections, often on stone stairs set into the hills. Tons of rocks where you might want to stop for a snack, or sit quietly and listen to the trickling water below.

Anne U. White Trail


  • Wear shorts especially if you have a dog and if they are anything like Asap you will be splashed on a lot!
  • Granted there are tons of shade coverage, you will likely still need sunscreen to prevent sunburns during the un-shaded areas.
  • Bring snacks and water for breaks and enjoying the sights!

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