March 6, 2021

Angry God (All Saint High Series)

angry god

When I released my March books-to-read list, Angry God was the most loved and recommended to read immediately. Reading Vicious in Sinners of Saint series, I immediately wanted to see what Vicious’s and Emilia’s epic love created.

Angry God can be read as a standalone but it is part of the All Saint High series and back story of Vaughn’s parents in Vicious. In case you want to read the others, I have my book talk posts down below for you to check out

I highly recommend reading Vicious first to see his parents’ stories

For all my Kindle readers, All Saint High series is on Kindle Unlimited for free to read!

Angry God

Rating: 5 out of 5.
angry god

Vaughn is mysterious, closed-off, ruthless, just like his dad, Vicious. Of course, he was one of the hottest and popular boys in high school that had all the girls throwing themselves at him. He surrounded himself with his close friends, Hunter and Knight, and his art.

After spending a summer at a prestigious art program abroad, he crosses paths with the same girl he met a while back on a family vacation. But this time, she saw something she shouldn’t have that cause the hatred between the two.

The little girl he met was shy, scared, small, but when Lenora grew up, she left those traits behind. Lenora pushes back now; she is smart, talented, fearless. She no longer cowers at Vaughn’s presence.

To say that Vaughn and Lenora were meant for each other since childhood is an understatement. She is his match. Their hatred, lust, and love toward each other are felt through every word and thought past between the two.

“I am hell bound, and you are heaven sent. You’re the first girl I ever looked at and thought…I want to kiss her. I want to own her. I wanted you to look at me the way you look at your fantasy book—with a mixture of awe, anticipation, and warmth. I gave you a brownie, hoping you’d remember me sweetly, praying the sugar rush would spin a positive feel around that vacation. I remember how you looked at me when you saw me killing jellyfish. I never wanted you to look at me like that ever again.”

Angry God would not be completed without Vicious and Emilia, as we experience a few chapters from their perspective. They are not in this book as much, but the parts are fantastic! To see how similar Vaughn is to Vicious is incredible.

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